Cinnamon Collection - your one stop garment production centre in Bali Indonesia. Our modern factory can produce most garments at competitive pricing. We cater to small boutique orders right up to large multinational label orders. We can manufacture using your designs, your fabrics, your labels, or we can source for your specific requirements. For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at enquire@cinnamoncollection. Garments made easy....Easy with Cinnamon Collection, a western managed business.

 • Garment Design

Cinnamon Collection can work with you to design the garments that you are looking for, tailored to your market.

 • Pattern Making

Once a design is created, Cinnamon Collection can make and grade patterns for the specific sizing you require.

 • Sampling

The Cinnamon Collection factory can produce small quantity samples for market tests etc.

 • Production

Once a design and sample has been agreed on, Cinnamon Collection will produce the required garments, with regular updates on the process. On most occasions, we are able to complete your order earlier than the completion date.

 • Labeling

Cinnamon Collection can use your labels, or we can have labels made for you to your design. We can have embroidered labels or printed satin labels made at affordable costs.

• Quality Control

Once a garment is made, we check that it passes out 5 point quality check. No garment leaves our factory, if the garment does not pass this test.

 • Packaging

Your garments can be packaged using your packaging, including swing tags, pricing,or alternatively we can supply printed bags, or boxes etc, printed with your logos and address etc. Your order can be ready for your shop shelves. Please ask us what we can offer you.

• Fabric Printing

Cinnamon Collection can organize fabric printing, dyeing, tie-dyeing, Screen printing or batik.

 • Cinnamon Collection - creating -

Women's Wear, Men's Wear, Children's Clothing, Swimwear, Costumes, Leather Garments, Knitted items, Appliquι, Embroidery, Beading, Cut Lace and much much more.

• Cinnamon Collection
PSA30. Jl Kunti, Seminyak. Kuta Bali. INDONESIA.
Phone +6281 558 906501- Email -

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